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Pal Offner Layered Pants

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Comfortable summer trousers with low crotch and beautiful mesh (GOTS certified) skirt layer made of 100% organic cotton.

- pull on trousers

- elastic waist band

- low crotch

- multi-layered cut: jersey pants with skirt-layer of mesh

- dividing seams in the mesh layer

Due to its elastic waistband and loose cut, this trousers comes in three overlapping sizes only.

Example: If you like to wear it more fitted and you usually wear a size 2, please take size 1-2. If you like to wear it more loose and you usually wear a size 2, please consider taking a size 3-4.

This fabric is made by our trusted fabric supplier in Greece and Portugal and processed in Bucharest, Romania. At least 16 hands were directly involved in the production of this trousers. Each pair of trousers was made in an average of 7 hours.

More information about the fabric:

This 100% cotton fabric dispenses completely with synthetics. Cotton is temperature and moisture regulating while it feels soft and skin-friendly. Also, it is easy to care for. The mesh we use is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Fabric composition: 100% organic cotton

Made in Romania